Characteristics of a High-Quality Garden Shed or Garage

Characteristics of a High-Quality Garden Shed or Garage
When looking for a garden shed or a garage, it’s important to know what makes a high-quality structure and to ensure it will fit your needs and last for years.

Quality Framing

The quality of your shed framing is important, as it defines the strength of your structure. At Shed Bonanza, only the highest quality materials are used to provide the frames’ sturdiness, security and flexibility. They are built to meet the Australian standards that ensure your garden shed or garage will withstand the harsh and unpredictable Australian climate.


You can choose from a range of different door options available for a garden shed or garage. To make the right choice depending on your requirements, talk to the knowledgeable shed consultants and they will help you to decide on the most appropriate type of doors whether it be a - roller door, sliding doors, personal access doors or even a combination.

Windows and Skylights

Some people don’t want their shed to be provided with windows or skylights. However, your garden shed or garage is flexible and can be customized, why not think about providing it with some natural lighting. Moreover, a well-placed window or skylight can help you in saving on your energy bills.


The roof of your garden shed or garage comes down to personal choice whether it be a gable roof that caters for all your home garden and storage needs (perhaps the most popular choice amongst shed owners) or a skillion roof, which slopes in one direction, suits a spot against a fence or wall. Find out what materials, colours, and slope are appropriate for your property before installing a shed.