Different Types of Industrial Sheds

Different Types of Industrial Sheds
Nowadays the industrial sheds can be used for a range of aims and purposes and in a number of industries.

Now they come completely customizable, built from flexible and durable steel and can be provided with extra options such as windows, sliding or roller doors, bays or even skylights.

High quality, Australian-made construction materials like BlueScope steel will add performance and longevity to your industrial shed. In comparison with other materials, industrial sheds are cost-effective and easily customizable to suit your business needs.

There are different types of industrial sheds in Australia and their construction and design usually depend on what it will be used for.  

Workshop Shed

Workshop sheds are versatile and can be used either in a residential or industrial area. In particular, workshop sheds are an enclosed space that has plenty of room to allow you to get your work done run a business as well as park vehicles.

They are totally customizable; workshop sheds can be constructed with extensive space making it easy to get equipment in and out.

Aircraft Hangar Shed

These special aviation sheds can accommodate light aircrafts, military or commercial aircraft, depending on the specification.

This type of shed is usually designed with the additional wide side, front openings and slide-away doors to make sure that the aircraft will be easily drawn in and out of the aircraft hangar shed.

They are also spacious enough to keep trucks and boats.


The possibilities of commercial warehouses and factories are immense and can be useful to a multitude of business.

These types of industrial sheds are a great solution for setting up a large-scale gym, industrial goods or housing a car rental business.

Agricultural Processing Sheds

Farmers know how invaluable the quality-built industrial shed is. It makes a perfect solution for harvesting, storing, sorting and processing perishable product.

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