Do I need a planning permit?

Do I need a planning permit?
You've decided - you need a shed, a garage or a carport on your property. But what now? Well, depending on your requirements, you may need a planning permit. Planning permits can be pretty daunting, but lucky for you, we have your back and are here to guide you and point you in the right direction. The first thing we recommend is to call or email us for more information, as we have helped over 40,000 customers with their sheds and can offer you the most up-to-date advice on planning and building permits.

Something important to note is that every state will have different rules around planning permits. But for this article, we will cover the general rules in Victoria, but it's always best to check locally for the most relevant requirements in your area.


You can find your local council's contact information here  - give them a call, and they can tell you if a planning permit is required. 


The great news is that only 20-25% of sheds require a planning permit! 

The most common reasons you would need a planning permit are as follows. 

  • The shed is planned for accommodation - this could be an extension of your primary residence or for temporary accommodation like Airbnb. If you plan to use the shed for this purpose, you will likely need a planning permit.

  • The land is affected by an overlay or zone.

An overlay is the most common reason you may need a planning permit. But what is an overlay? Simply put, it consists of standards that protect and maintain that area's environmental and natural landscape (for example, drains, heritage buildings, paths, utility poles etc.) that could be affected by your build. 


If you think your build could be affected and need a planning permit, you should consult with your shed expert, who can find out precisely what your council would require and discuss adaptations that could be done to save you from getting a planning permit in the first place. 


Depending on the council, timeframes for processing planning permits can vary. In Victoria, councils have a requirement to determine a planning permit application within 60 days of receiving it. But some caveats may affect this. 


If you can make a few small changes to your shed, then a planning permit might not be required, saving you time and money, but sometimes a planning permit can't be helped, and you'll need to apply for one. 


We've helped thousands of people with their permits and consider ourselves experts, and we're here to help - feel free to reach out to us on 1300 795 544 or click here to book a consultation with one of our Shed (and Permit) experts to discuss your build further.

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