How to choose a car hoist for your garage

How to choose a car hoist for your garage
Whether you’re hotting-up it’s appearance or doing safety checks, your car is your pride and joy and great care is taken to ensure it remains in top condition. No doubt, many weekends have been spent in the garage working away on your car.

But if you go beyond just tinkering on a machine and a substantial portion of your life is spent fixing cars, maybe you should erect a hoist in your garage. It’s the perfect structure to lift and hold your car in place for easier access which allows you to freely move around it.  

If you’re in the market to buy a car hoist, here’s what you need to know before you purchase:


Foundation requirements 

A non-sturdy hoist is a recipe for disaster and the foundation the hoist has been built on (or is secured to) is paramount to safety.  Typically, hoists require at least a 2m x 4m section of reinforced concrete with a depth of 150mm to adequately support a car hoist. We suggest speaking with your manufacturer for their guidelines on the exact concrete measurements they require. 


Overhead clearance and space requirements 

While the foundation needs to be strong enough to support a hoist, you also need to know how much space (or height) you have to operate in. Firstly, you must understand the purpose of your hoist - is it for a total car fit-out, general mechanical work or for car storage? 

You also have to consider whether you need a two-post or four-post hoist, as this will alter the space requirements. Where space is an issue, some manufacturers offer products such as a subframe hoist to make use of the available space. 

A roof height clearance of 3 meters for a two-post hoist or 4 meters for a four-post hoist is generally enough space for it to function correctly. 

Also, make sure you open all car and cupboard doors and workbench drawers fully to ensure that when a hoist is erected, there’s enough room for all other objects in your garage. 


Power source options

A single-phase 240v power source is enough to power a car hoist without hassle. Obviously, the larger the hoist (and the heavier the car) the stronger your power source needs to be. Your manufacturer will advise on the power source you require. 

Please ensure your power source is installed by a qualified and licensed electrician otherwise it might not pass Australian standards or, for commercial use, fail Workplace Health and Safety specifications. 


Common Australian car hoists 

Below is a selection of common car hoists on the Australian market. These products are in no particular order. 

Classic Lift Australia - Single Post Lift - 2.5 Ton - SL-2500

Joel’s Garage Gear - 2 Post Hoist – 4.5 Ton – Clear Floor Model

Tuff Lift - 2 Post Hoist - 4 Ton Base Plate - TL4.0BPDI

BendPak - 4 Post Hoist - 3,175-kg. Capacity / Narrow Car Hoist / High Rise

Garage Equipment - 4 Post Hoist - 6.3 Ton Ascenta ASN63SX car and truck hoist

Shed Bonanza doesn’t endorse these hoists. Instead, we encourage you to speak to manufacturers to identify the best hoist products for your individual circumstance.  

When looking to purchase a car hoist there’s much to consider. These decisions should not be made lightly. A hoist erected incorrectly is very dangerous or can become a source of frustration due to the reduced space in which you have to operate in. 

Before speaking with a manufacturer, help them (and you) make an informed and practical decision on the hoist you need by using our free 3D Garage Designer to design your garage.