How to Choose the Right Aviary for Your Pet Birds

How to Choose the Right Aviary for Your Pet Birds
Birds are easy pets compare to four legged ones, but they need to have a home to feel comfortable and safe.

That’s why a home for them should be carefully selected. Choosing an aviary is a perfect solution. 

There are some steps to follow before buying an aviary to make sure you are picking the right option. 

Type of Birds

You should to carefully consider the kind of birds you are going to buy an aviary for. You have to find out what kinds of habits they have to choose the aviary to suit their needs. For instance, what is their full wingspan and are they a very active breed, how often will you be taken your birds out of the aviary and so on.

Considering these aspects will help you to choose the aviary with enough room for them to feel free and happy. 

Size and Shape

Once you have found out the type of your pet birds and their habits, you can proceed on searching for the right aviary to suit their needs. 

Remember that there should be enough room for them to fly and move around comfortably. The proper size of an aviary depends on the size of your birds. 

Aviaries come in different shapes and sizes. They also come in different materials. You can choose the type of material depending on your taste as well as on your budget. Timber aviary has a more appealing look, but they cost more. Steel aviaries are more durable and come at a lower price. 

Location and Weather

A place where you put your aviary is a vital thing to consider. You have to ensure that the area you choose will not be exposed to the elements. Pick the place where your feathered friends will be sheltered from harsh winds, heavy rain, and direct sunlight. 

This should also be a place where you can have easy access to your birds. 


Apart from location and weather, it would help if you also thought about proper insulation for the aviary. Like all the other animals, your birds should also be kept cool in hot weather and warm during cold months. 


Make sure your aviary is correctly anchored to the ground when you have set it up. This step is crucial for your aviary not to be knocked down or ripped apart in a storm. 

Mesh should be made using a quality material so it cannot be easily damaged. Do not forget to provide the aviary with padlocks to secure your birds when they are left alone at home. 

Extra Options

One more thing to consider is adding some additional options the interior of your aviary, such as perches, nest boxes, hinged hatches, feeders, toys, etc. 

Following the tips mentioned above, you can be sure your feathered friends will have the right home.