Setting Up an Aviary

Setting Up an Aviary
Installing an aviary at your property is a great way to show your pet birds and at the same time keep them safe from the vultures and bad elements.

An outdoor aviary will also provide your feathered friends with a more natural home to live and interact in.

Here are some basic things to keep in mind when starting to set up an aviary that will appeal to both you and your birds.

Choose the Right Mix of Birds for Your Aviary

When you are going to keep different species of birds together in one aviary, ensure they are the same in size and breed.

Do not mix aggressive birds and peaceful ones to prevent fighting.

Provide Feed Boxes

Provide your aviary with some extra boxes for food and water so that the dominant birds do not take control over them. Examine your flock to make sure all the birds have access to food and water.

Decide on Plants for Your Aviary

Plants do not only make an aviary look wonderful, but they also make perfect shelters for your birds from sun rays as well as from the attackers inside the aviary.

Before providing your aviary with the plants, make sure they fit for your winged pets.

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