Timber or Steel garden shed

Timber or Steel garden shed
A garden shed is the most convenient place to store your equipment and tools not being used. While looking through best sheds in Australia, two choices appear before you – timber or steel shed?

Both of them have their advantages. To choose the one that fits you best. It’s better to learn about them.

Timber garden shed

A timber shed is a great addition to any home as only natural timber can bring an amazing look. They can fit into any home style whether it is a modern home or a heritage.

Regarding the size of a timber shed you can be provided with the one you need.

Timber sheds are made from high-quality timbers such as treated pine, Baltic pine, or Western red cedar that is suitable for any weather conditions.

Timber shed prices  are available to suit your budget. They don’t need to be protected against the elements by staining, oiling, or painting them. The only thing is that they need is to be redone from time to time. But it’s not a bad thing, on the contrary – it can be a benefit as you have a chance to change your shed look as it can be boring in some time.

Timber sheds can be either prefabricated or custom built to suit all your needs. Prefabricated timber sheds are easy to construct by yourself. Otherwise,  you can always hire a professional to build your custom timber shed. 

A timber garden shed usually has a pitched or flat roof made from Colorbond. The tiles are also available. It can include as many doors and windows as you wish and it is even possible to install a skylight to provide extra natural light.

Steel garden shed

Steel garden sheds is a great purchase. They are cost effective, easy in maintenance and can be customized to match your home style. Their sizes vary from small cupboard sheds to a large sheds even to store your vehicle.

Steel garden sheds are usually made from Colorbond or Zincalume and can be left either with the metal colour or covered with the colour of your choice. With the wide range of colours you can choose the one that perfectly blend with your house.  Like timber shed, a steel garden shed can be acquired in prefabricated shed kit form or be custom made.

Steel shed roofing is usually made from the same material as its main part –  from Colorbond or Zincalume. You can have either a pitched or flat roof and you can also add a skylight. Windows and doors are also available in your steel shed home.