What to consider when choosing a cubby house for your kids

What to consider when choosing a cubby house for your kids
Acquiring a perfect cubby for your kids is a great investment to any home. There are four main principals when choosing a cubby house for your child.


The most important thing for everybody is the safety of our kids. A safe cubby house should have solid lines and large play space for children not to injure themselves. The stairs in a cubby house should be placed at a 30% angle and it would be better to use trenched in threads instead of regular 45% stairs to make children down slower and avert their falls. 


A good thing to think over is the cubby house size. A perfect cubby house should have enough room for your kids to feel comfortable when playing, doing activities and meeting friends. A cubby house may also have extra space to supply it with imagination accessories and toys. An ability to add climbing frames, slides, sandpits and other items like these ensure your kids get maximum pleasure spending time out of the cubby house.

Everyone has different size and space requirements so shed companies in Australia can easily customize your cubby house to suit all your needs.


A cubby house should be constructed to last long. So you should assure whether it is built stand harsh Australian climate. 

Quality and durable cubby house is an excellent and cost-effective purchase  as you won’t need to replace it and can sell it when your children grow up. 


And the final but very important thing - a cubby house should have a lovely look. When it looks amazing your kids will be more likely to spend great time inside or have fun outside it.
A good idea is to choose a colour for a cubby to perfectly blend with your house.

You can decorate a cubby with the art your children have created. For example, you may display their art works on the walls to make them proud and happy.