Why Cubbies Are The Ideal Adventure Playground?

Why Cubbies Are The Ideal Adventure Playground?
What we see as a big mess, kids see as a big adventure. All parents want to encourage their children’s sense of adventure and fun.

So it is important for children to have their own space to play games and make believe in their own place.

A cubby house is a perfect and safe way to untie your kids’ inner world it gives them a possibility to be as messy as they want, go as wild as their imagination allows them and enjoy the freedom of being in their own world.

There are some smart ideas to excite your little adventure seekers and inspirit cubby play.

Pirate Ship

Transform your cubby house into an exciting pirate ship. Let your kids create their own costumes and make a flag. You can also provide your ship with the steering wheel and so on. There are too many options available to make your own cubby house unique.

Fire Station

Transforming a cubby house into a fire station is a great solution on a hot day when you don’t mind your children playing with the garden hose. To provide a bigger fire station feel you can even set up a fireman's pole and bell.

Dinosaur Dig

Put "fossils" such as shells and rocks away in your child's sandbox or in a muddy bath. Give your little paleontologists various tools - such as shovels and brushes - to dig and encourage them to display their findings on the base of the cubby house.


What wonderful creatures will your children find when they travel 20,000 leagues under the sea in their own cubby house submarine? Discovering the dark depths, they can monitor what is happening above sea level and see when there’s tea time in the morning with the help of their periscope.