Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Garages, Barns and Carports

  • Yes, and we invite you to view our Sheds and Garages at any of our three locations.
    419 Dorset Rd, Bayswater
    26-28 Greens Rd, Dandenong
    2/14 Hazel Drive Warragul

  • Shed Bonanza provides DIY kits for owner-builders so while we do not complete the job from start to finish we have a number of contractors that can complete your required site works and installation.
  • Yes, we can. We can help most people with their shed needs. Best bet is to send us a drawing of what you are after via email and we can provide you with a written quote.

  • Yes, we can organise delivery to most suburbs in Victoria. For pricing and to see if we deliver to your site please contact us.

  • We can offer the full-colour range offered by COLORBOND® steel. You can see the colours here. You can even mix and match. 

  • Planning Permits are legal documents giving permission for land use or development and may be required by your local council. If a Planning Permit is required, it must be obtained before a Building Permit can be issued, however, both applications can be made at the same time. A Planning Permit does not remove the need to obtain a Building Permit.

    Contact your local council's Town Planning Office to confirm if a Planning Permit is required

  • All buildings over 10m² in floor area require a Building Permit. Most Councils do not issue Building Permits; these are issued by Private Building Surveyors. Below are some exemptions to Building Permits that apply to most Councils.

    Freestanding Pergolas or Sheds etc 

    Requirements For Exemptions From Building Permit

    Where the freestanding building works:

    - do not exceed more than 10m² in floor area, and

    - are no more than 3m height, or if located within 1m away from the boundary, is not more than 2.4m height (unroofed pergola up to 20m²), and

    - are not connected to another building of a different class (i.e. house, shop, factory etc), and

    - are not dwellings, garages etc located further forward to the allotment boundary than the building to which it is connected to, and

    -are not constructed of masonry. 

    If you are not sure your project requires a Building Permit contact your Local Council.

  • Once you have confirmed you do not require planning or any easement or report and consents then we can commence the Building Permit process.

    After payment has been made for the Building Permit and we have received a signed invoice and letter of appointment we will complete and submit the application on your behalf with a copy of title, plan of subdivision, any covenants that may be on your property, planning information, property information from the council and obtain the relevant engineering for your proposed structure.

    These will generally be assessed within 5 business days at which time we will provide you with a list of further questions should they be required. If no further requirements are required or they have provided then the permit is issued. Should further information or approvals be needed you will be required to obtain them and provide to the building surveyor. (Note some councils can delay permit approvals due to processing times for important information required)

  • We can provide the required engineering plans for a fee depending on the size of the project. This includes a completed 126 form and engineering drawings.

  • An easement is an area of land, or part of an allotment, reserved by law to allow provision of common state or municipal controlled infrastructure for a specific purpose which may include:

    • Drainage pipelines

    • Sewage Mains

    • Power Lines

    You will require approval from relevant authorities if you conduct works over an easement. We recommend checking your plan of subdivision which is contained in your Section 32 or contacting your local council for location and size as well as require approvals needed.

  • Our range includes Zincalume® and Colorbond® Garages made from high-tensile steel that is designed for Australian conditions with a 15 year warranty.
    Details on Zincalume® and Colorbond® warranty may be found here.

Garden Sheds

  • We Deliver, install and can even pour a new concrete infill slab for your garden shed. If your site needs works we can even refer you to a contractor to assist with making it flat and level as it is important to ensure your site is flat and level for any garden shed.

  • We have 1,000 of set sizes but if you do not find the size to match your space do not worry we can custom make a garden shed to suit your needs.

  • If you do not want to have a permanent shed in your back yard but would like to have your goods off the ground a wooden floor is just for you. Wooden floors are made to the size of your shed to ensure it reduces the moisture inside your shed. Wooden floors are a great option for the hard to get sites or if you are looking to move and take your shed with you.

  • Shed Bonanza offers a site inspection service for garden sheds. For a nominal fee, we can visit most Melbourne metro areas generally within 5 business days. After the installer has completed a site report we will then contact you with the outcome and best shed to suit your needs.

  • All our Garden sheds are panel form, meaning they are not provided in 100 pieces and take between 1-2 hours generally for any handyman to build. As they are pre-assembled panels we recommend delivery as some walls can be up to 3.74m x 2.2m depending on the size of the shed.