Helen Miller

Melbourne, VIC 3155
Helen Miller

I’ve had two sheds before from Shed Bonanza. This time I wanted a large shed/garage and knew I could go to Shed Bonanza, tell them what I wanted and leave everything to them to organise for me – including permits.

I don’t know about sheds – I was organising the project for my son and managing the process for him.  Shed Bonanza could interpret exactly what I wanted and created the perfect large shed and my sons love it!  It is a serious boy’s shed!

The price is right there’s no rip off here - everything is done properly.  I was under time pressure because we had a new baby coming into the family and Shed Bonanza mobilised everything super-fast and super-well for us. The man who installed it with his two blokes was brilliant and did the whole thing in just 2 days. They cleaned up everything and away they went.  Done once, done right, for the right price!  Fantastic!

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