Melbourne, Victoria

I was seeking to do a major shed building project and already had discussions with other companies but was not inspired.

I’d driven past Shed Bonanza and had seen their advertising and thought I should drop in and see what they had to offer. The people were all very nice, their business has stood the test of time and my confidence was inspired. From the very start I liked the first person I met, I felt valued, listened to and decided to build with them.

Shed Bonanza offers a one-stop-shop where everything is organised, from the excellent contractors they were able to recommend, right through to their understanding of shed design and engineering. I wanted a specific aspect of the engineering addressed and also wanted some advice from the experts.  Shed Bonanza listened and helped to modify the design to suit my position and they worked to ensure my needs were met. It wasn’t an easy site to get a truck into and Shed Bonanza took my suggestions on board to make sure the delivery process went smoothly. 
There were a few issues that needed fixing along the way and Shed Bonanza worked to ensure that everything was put right.  There are always going to be some issues and it’s the way these are dealt with that makes the difference.  

Shed Bonanza are good to deal with; they actively listen, are knowledgeable and skilful around design and planning and good on quoting. The fact that they are able to supply a preferred list of contractors is very good. They take the time to explain important aspects of their sheds and materials, for example, the different types of doors, steel and fittings, moreover, they’re open and transparent in their dealings. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Shed Bonanza.

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