10-year warranty

Our coloured steel sheeting meets strict Australian manufacturing standards and carries a product warranty period of up to 10 years.

Bird aviaries are not just a wonderful addition to your home but they also keep your home lively and you can always hear the sounds pleasant to your ears. 

Aviaries and fowl houses are beautiful houses for birds providing them with enough space for them to feel comfortable. 

Our aviaries are available in variety of shapes and sizes and are manufactured locally for you to get the best. 

Steel aviaries are the most popular bird homes in Australia. They are not only cost-effective but they are made from featherweight steel and produced to endure any harsh Australian climate.
They are low maintenance, more hygienic, long lasting and do not rot. Lightweight but sturdy, our wire aviaries come in a variety of seizes to suit your needs. We can also make aviaries and enclosures, it you required something outside our standard range.

Bird aviaries with 10-year warranty

The right bird aviary is basic for keeping your feathered friends happy, healthy and comfortable. 

Each breed of birds has different requirements for housing depending on their size. That’s why when choosing an aviary you should choose the one that suits your bird needs. 

An aviary has to be people friendly too. It should be easy to clean and feed your birds. It should also look good to perfectly blend with your home territory.
Aviaries from Shed Bonanza are designed even to be the main point of your garden. 

Shed Bonanza aviaries are custom designed to suit both a bird keepers and birds. They are steady constructed, easily maintained and having easy access for feeding and watering your pet bird. Besides, only high-quality materials are used. 

Before you buy your bird aviary, our professionals will discuss all your needs of its type and size as all types of aviaries have their special features and purposes. 

Our aviaries and fowl houses are not only well-ventilated but they are also designed survive strong winds and come with a warranty period of up to 10 years. Our products are also delivered in pre-assembled riveted panels that are easy to install.

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