Add extra height

Our barns are just like a large shed, only with extra height in the centre so you can add hoists, store horse floats, or even put a home office in the loft.

American barn is an affordable style shed. The list of its usage is endless as they provide a variety of space that can be customized to suit your needs.

Barn houses made in Australia will assure complete protection of your horses or equipment through all year round. They are built to the highest standards and can be designed in a wide variety of configurations to fit the demands of your lifestyle.

Both length and width can be expanded according to your American barn plans. You can also change the height of the housings sides or the middle section. More over, your barn shed can be easily personalized with the windows and sliding doors.

Provide extra height with your barn shed

American barn is kind of a storage consisting of two levels - the lower level which is usually used as  a garage and the upper one  expected to be a storage or placement. They stand out with their look and provide a beautiful aspect. As a rule they are made of colored steel. Colorbond steel is usually the final finish, but you can always add the lining if you wish.

Barn sheds are available in a wide range  of standard size which usually start at about 6 meters, but they can be as big as you need. If you have something really concrete in mind, the skillful builders of Australian shed company  will be able to make an entirely individual barn for you.

A  great advantage of building such a barn shed is its great flexibility. For instance, they  can be used as residences because of the number of upstairs they have. You can also use them either as a holiday home or as a studio apartment. Another option is that its upper level can be used as  the room for games or as a hiding place for adults or teenagers. 

According to these  additional applications, you have a wide variety of your barn shed options. To start with, you can choose between vertical or horizontal lining. You can use lots of different types of covering in different colors and finishes. If you choose to stick to the Colorbond steel, this material has many colors that will give you the same amount of choice as the final form of your barn.

If necessary, you can also add roller doors, sliding doors, windows, ventilation, balconies or porches. You can easily add extra height to your barn style shed what lets it suit all your needs, and you can even turn your barn into a  living space or entertainment space.

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