Add fun features

Whether you want a simple cottage to play house in, or a make-believe pirate ship, the only limit is your imagination.

Cubby house is a great way to encourage your child to play outdoors and develop their imagination. There are so many designs and accessories to provide your cubby house with. The main decision you should make is what type of cubby house to buy.

There are some extra features that can be added to a cubby house – scramble nets, rope ladders, etc. Your kids will feel like they have their own castle in their backyard. In the cubby house there’s so much room to play in and to meet your child’s friends. 


Add some fun features to your cubby house 

Children adore to climb and swing around. Acquiring a cubby house helps them exactly to do what they really want. You can be sure your kids will never get bored in a cubby house. 

If you want your cubby house to stand out it can include two swings, a rock wall, climbing ladders and so on. There can be even a sandpit underneath making it a nice area to play in. According to different height levels and so many attachments your kids will be happy and safe. 

Some parents want to acquire an extravagant and elaborately designed cubby house for their kids. They may be provided with electricity and plumbing that makes a miniature version of their home. Such types of houses are much bigger than the average cubby houses. There’s enough room for their small furniture. 

It can be a great idea to design a cubby house for your kids. Shed Bonanza also offers many designs and plans of cubby houses for sale.

There are many types of styles of traditional cubby houses. They can include one or two rooms for children to play in. It can be also equipped with child’s toys to have fun with. 

The cubby house design can include play structures connected to the house what is a great idea for active kids that like to climb. These structures usually include a climbing mechanism such as a rope ladder or rock climbing pegs. Slides and swing sets can often accompany an adventure design style of your  cubby house. Some types of these cubby houses in Australia are built up on stilts so they are raised. This provides extra space under your cubby house. You can fill this area with sand and make it into a nice sand box for your kids to play in. This extra space is also great for kids who like to hide.

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