Beautiful pine

We choose only the highest-quality woods for our pine sheds to ensure a safe, comfortable environment.

If you’re looking for a quality material to build your timber shed, pine is the best choice.

When constructing the sheds in Australia, the most used and important product is timber.

To ensure a safe and comfortable environment we choose only the highest-quality woods for our pine sheds.

Treated pine is used mostly in all timber sheds. Pine is good because of its robustness, versatility and excellent growth. It is also one of the easiest timbers to work with. It is good to stain and easy when using hand tools for nailing or screwing. Moreover it is renewable, recyclable and energy efficient.

A Timber Shed made of Beautiful Pine

When choosing an appropriate type of wood to construct your timber shed, a little knowledge of the different type of wood is required. Pine is most common type used for building garden sheds.

Pine is versatile and all-purpose type of wood. It is easy available and affordable to construct a timber shed using it.

Usually a timber shed made from pine doesn’t need to be drilled before nailing or driving screws, as it is not inclined to cracking when fasteners are placed more than ¾ inch from the edges.

The flexibility of a timber shed provides easy shaping and bend to fit the walls that aren’t straight.

Pine timber is full of a chemical solutions consisting of two main components – fungicide and insecticide. It provides a long-term resistance to insects and rot to your timber shed.

A effective and durable protection makes not only a timber shed also pergolas, retaining walls and cladding last longer.

By choosing Shed Bonanza for a timber shed you can be assured that only kid-safe timber is used.

Being a natural product, timber may go slightly grey if left in unstained in the harsh Australian weather. But it’s not a disadvantage. Your timber shed can be easily re-stained in 12-18 months after buying it. Some people even prefer it because it gives them an opportunity to give their shed a new life.

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