Made in Australia

Our cubbies are made in Australia from high-quality materials and meet the strictest Australian safety standards.

A cubby house is a timeless shed that is well-loved both by children and adults all over the world. They are constructed in all shapes and sizes, either with themes or left to your imagination. Cubby houses for sale are made with love for children to have a fun place to let their creativity take over. Shed Bonanza offers cubby houses with lots of features to boost a child’s imagination.

Cubby houses made in Australia

The original cubby houses in Australia were built by hand, usually by children and sometimes with some adult help. Usually they were made of scrap materials and weren’t intended to last long. Cubby houses weren’t constructed to any specific safety standard and were unsafe. That’s why there was a need for a cubby house to be safe for children to use and also be durable so they can be used year after year. 

Today’s cubby houses are extremely unique. Shed Bonanza cubbies are custom made and are made of treated wood so you can be sure your child is in safe. 

Our cubby houses can be not just four wooden walls with an opening for a door. They can also have windows, porches, planters and even additional climbing nets and slides.
Our cubby houses for sale have either an extravagant or classic look to bring joy to your kids. 

If you want your child to offer an enjoyable cubby house, then approach to Shed Bonanza to build it for you. We can provide you with the cubby houses that are on the ground or elevated for extra play space underneath. They also have extra features such as slides, climbing walls, verandahs, letterboxes, etc. 

Our cubby houses can be painted very easily and you can choose from a wide range of colours to have a dream cubby house. 

Our timber cubby houses are available to hold shelves. So you can use your shelving ideas to add to your cubby house. 

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