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We’ve been proudly supplying Victorian homes for over 30 years, and are able to help with concept, permits, construction and more.

If you don’t have a garage or carport near your home,  you run the risk that hail could damage your vehicle.  If buying a garage is a little costly for you than acquiring a carport you will not only save your money but also your time, as fewer materials is used to construct it.

According to the Western Australian regulations a carport garage is a roofed and unenclosed structure designed for  storage of at least one vehicle. Usually it is attached to another building, for example to your home. But if you have enough room you can build it separately at the place that suits you.

When you are going to construct a carport to your residential property, certain legal requirements are demanded for acquiring a carport in Australia.

If you want to buy a carport in Melbourne, Shed Bonanza can provide you with everything. They’ve been supplying Victorian homes for over 30 years, and can help with concept, permits, construction and more.

Carports designed for Victorians

Any construction of your property has to follow certain guidelines concerning the space between your new building and street, between the building and your property edge, including both your home and your carport garage.

There are several reasons to do it:

  • It helps to keep the streetscape established in the landscape;
  • It helps to acquire an adequate privacy and an open space;
  • It lets your property attach some other details such as a parking place, a dwelling, landscaping or utilities;
  • It provides extra space for service requirements what may be obligatory.

Usually when you add a carport to your home in Australia, it should be constructed as far back from the street as  other additional dwellings.

But there are also some exceptions concerning these regulations. If your carport stands in front of other constructions on the street, there must be an open space  area equal to or greater than the area that stands in front of the other building. 

Carports in Australia should be set away from the street not to interfere with the line of sight along the street or badly affect the existing view of the buildings. The main idea here is not to ruin neither the building view from the street nor the street view of the building.

In case your house is located on the corner of the secondary street your carport should be built one and a half meters from the secondary street.

If your carport is constructed against a private road which is neither primary nor secondary access to the street, you should leave at least six meters of extra space for vehicle maneuvering in front of a permanent carport opening.

So, if you decide to make any changes or adding to your shed you must ensure a carport designed for Victorians with the rules mentioned above.

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