Designed for your birds

Cleaning trays, walkways and heavy gauge wire are just a few of our extras. So whether you’re a beginner or a professional breeder, we can work to your needs.

If you have birds and room for them, setting up an outdoor aviary or a fowl house will be a great idea. You can be sure your birds will enjoy their lives outside. 

While looking for a bird aviary in Melbourne, you can properly choose the one that suits your needs. Our stylish chook sheds, aviaries and fowl houses suggest secure and safe environment for your birds. They have lots of space, fresh air and sunlight.

An aviary designed for your birds 

Most people prefer to design and build the aviaries for their own. 

An aviary design depends on several aspects – a number of birds and their species, the outdoor area that is free and on your budget. 

Shed Bonanza outdoor aviaries are perfect as long as they provide a large area for your birds to shelter in, as bird aviaries should be large and need some additional practical fixtures and fittings.

Steel is the best choice for the aviary frame. Shed Bonanza provides aviaries with walls that are made from a galvanized wire mesh. 

Lots of people paint the outside part of the mesh with a dark matt paint to make less glare. The range of our paints is non-toxic, weatherproof and animal-friendly of course.

Untreated hardwood is used for making a roof and two walls and this area is not closed completely – it’s not just a place to hide but also a shelter from sun and wind. Supplementary movable wall departments and little insulation are obligatory for colder months of the year. The edges of the roof placed over the aviary hang clear of its walls for a flow. 

Shed Bonanza can provide your bird house with several places for feeding and drinking and a plenty of perches and swings to keep your feathered friends happy and comfortable.

Shed Bonanza aviaries and fowl houses are designed to survive strong winds and come with a warranty period of up to 10 years.

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