Easy to build

You don’t need to be a handy-mum or dad to put together our cubbies. They come with easy to follow instructions (or one of our handy assemblers!).

If you’re worried how to build a strong and safe cubby house in your garden, don’t! Shed Bonanza cubby houses for sale are easy to assemble and there are lots of resources to make this job a dream. 

You can also impress your children at your DIY project by taking these large pieces and constructing a dream cubby house. Moreover, you will be also pretty surprised with your amazing work.

Aussi cubby houses easy to build

When it comes time to buy a cubby house in Melbourne, you know that you have to take advantage of the diverse numbers of different options that you have. With this fact you should be able to find a cubby house that makes perfect sense for the landscape of your backyard and which also can match your own personal taste. It should go without saying that when you are looking for a cubby house, it’s also important that you are able to keep your children entertained and satisfied as well. As a matter of fact, this is one of the key factors when it comes to picking out one of the best possible cubby houses.

All Shed Bonanza cubby houses for sale come with their plans, which give you the dimensions of the floor and the different views. With these plans your cubby house is much easier to build. 

Our cubby houses also come in pre-cut kits. No problem with measuring and sawing to perfectly fit – everything’s already done for you. 

Each of our cubby houses come with easy step-by-step instructions which include pictures and examples for you to understand. 

All our cubby houses are made of Australian timber and are designed to be safe for your children to play inside and around it. You can be sure there are no sharp edges, slippery areas and so on. Your children will play in a safe environment which will be completely suitable for them. 
The materials used for construction of our cubby houses are solid and suitable for any weather conditions what means your cubby house won’t be damaged by wind or rain and will last for years. 

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