Endless colour combinations

With the full range of Colorbond® colours to play with, you can choose the wall, roof, gutter, flashings and roller door colours of your dreams.

While Australian buildings often face strict weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold, rain, hail, wind and dust, you have to find some durable materials for building your garage shed to stand its climate.

Whether you are going to build a safe and durable garage or renovate your already existing storage, Colorbond steel materials can be a perfect protection afforded to your home storage. Colorbond garages are designed to endure the most inconstant Australian weather conditions.

Besides with the whole range of Colorbond colours to play with, you can choose the wall, roof, gutter, flashings and roller door of the colour to be able to match your garage style. 

Choose from endless colour combinations your garage to be unique

Garage is more than simply a place to store your car. That’s why it should be customized to suit all your unique needs. And nowadays you have a possibility to design a perfect garage store for your properties choosing from the entire ranges of Colorbond combinations.

Colour roofing of your garage has an ability to change a cooling bill. No less than five  colours of the Colorbond range can be regarded as solar reflective roofing. More over Colorbond steel can also provide more energy efficiency to your garage. Each colour in the standard Colorbond steel represents thermal solar reflective technology which is designed to reflect more sun rays and be less dependable on air-conditioning and reduce  heat stress for your garage covering.

Colorbond garage is a good choice to fit both your home and your wallet.

Colorbond garages are durable and resistant in Australian’s harsh climate. Besides their long lasting helps to save resources and energy.

Colorbond material is lightweight what costs less for its transportation and is lighter roof for your garage. And of course it’s strong what means it can be an excellent protection of your garage in different strict weather conditions what is typical for Australia. Apart from that Colorbond garages are very easy in their maintenance what is very practical in everyday life.

Along with a wide variety of colours to choose from it can be a beautiful addition to your home matching your individual style. 

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