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A quite frequent question among customers who want to buy a garden shed is “Is it obligatory to get a council approval for building a shed?”.  And it is a right decision to ask your shed builder about all the local regulations you should know before building a shed in your home territory. 

Usually it is not demanded to have a council approval for building some storage shed in your garden in case you come over certain minimal requirements. 

Even if you don’t have time or wish to do a paperwork concerning a building permit, you can find a company providing garden sheds in Australia which has not only 30 years’ experience supplying Victorians with sheds of high quality and all sizes but which also will take care of the application process for you and do everything you need starting from your garden shed design, permit and installation.

Full-service in building a garden shed in Australia

Though council regulations usually differ, there are some general rules concerning some areas of Australia.

There are some circumstances when you don’t have to obtain any council approval to place a garden shed in your home territory:

  • If your shed in no more than 10x10 meters; 
  • If your shed height is no more than 2.4 meters;
  • If you want to locate your shed no more than 900 meters nearby the other object; 
  • If you live in rural Australia you have a possibility even to build a shed with the size of 50 square meters without any approval from the local council;
  • If the area you live in is inherited, you can install your shed on the basis of the property.

When you live in bushfire prone area, you must build you shed with non-flam material and no closer than 5 meters to another building. One more thing you should remember while building is your shed size, shape and location cannot restrain the rest territory. 

In case your shed is going to be a little bit informal structure, it must be installed due to Building Code of Australia standards. (BCA).

If you need a large shed to use for some more functions than just a storage for tools, it is obligatory to have a council approval. The easiest way to do this will be to apply to licensed and experienced companies  for supply and installation of your shed. They can assure you with all the necessary papers so you’ll be able to use your shed even as a workshop or home office. 

Getting a quote for sheds online you can find out more information about garden shed kits and custom built sheds for yourself. Besides, it is free and easy service, taking only a few minutes to fill in.

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