High-quality insulation

Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer with protectafoil insulation, Colorbond® roofing and solid floors.

If you want  your timber shed to last all year-round, and you want your tools and equipment to stay dry and damp-free, you need the insulation.

For many, fitting insulation is a DIY job, but if in doubt or at the less of time, the professional can easily do it for you.

Shed Bonanza ensures you will have a timber shed suitable to all your needs.  They choose only high-quality materials, steel roofing, solid plywood doors, heavy duty hinges and pad bolts, and a structurally graded and visually checked kiln dried pine frame. The floors are made from structural grade (and arsenic free) sheets fixed to treated pine bearers for a solid and stable footing. They can even provide subfloors for unleveled sites – how your timber shed looks is up to you.

Shed Bonanza’s timber sheds are pre-treated with quality water-based wood preservative before delivery to provide long duration of your timber shed.

High-quality insulation of a timber shed

If you’re going to use your timber shed all year round and to spend some time in it, the insulation is necessary. It provides more constant temperature to your shed than it may otherwise be. Besides, by adding insulation  your timber garden shed can be more versatile. It will stay warm in winter and cool in summer with protect foil insulation, Colorbond roofing and solid floors.

Theoretically you can insulate any wood shed but it makes more sense to buy one that is constructed in a particular way to start with.

A new timber shed should feature the following things:

The first one is its thick cladding. It provides you with thick walls which makes it harder for heat to pass inside.

The second thing is looking for  tongue-and-groove cladding rather than overlap cladding which lets the heat to escape between them. The tounge-and-groove design looks like each separate board is tightly fitted to the next one.

An excellent example of a timber shed with a high-quality insulation in Melbourne is a product bought from Shed Bonanza.

A timber shed should be perfect not only for wall  but also for its floor and ceiling construction. The windows and doors should also be high-quality to provide little heat to be lost.

When your timber shed is constructed all the gaps between the studs should be filled. When you know how deep they are and how far apart from each other they are you can decide which type of insulation would be best for your shed - blanket insulation, foam boards or polystyrene sheets. After choosing the most appropriate type, thickness and size of insulation, the wood panels can be used to cover the insulation and provide your timber shed interior with the finished surface.

When insulating the ceiling it’s better to leave a gap between the insulation and ceiling itself to prevent moisture collecting.

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