Simple to assemble

Shed Bonanza aviaries and fowl houses are made in Australia and delivered in pre-assembled riveted panels that are easy to install.

We have a wide range of aviaries and fowl houses that are low maintenance, safe and durable. All our aviaries and fowl houses are constructed to specification with options for style, materials and colour. Each aviary and fowl house has an excellent ventilation and natural light and provide a comfortable home for your birds. 

The aviaries are supplied as pre-assembled panels that are easy to install. Alternatively, if you do require help with installation then we do have contractors that can assemble for you. So, get started today on your next pet project and let us help guide you through the best solution for you.

Aviaries and fowl houses simple to assemble

Bird aviaries are stylish structures providing an absolute comfort to your feathered friends. Built from high-quality materials in Australia, you can be sure your chook shed will stand for a long time. 

Shed Bonanza has an extensive range of bird aviaries and cages to choose from that are low maintenance, safe and durable. Whether you’re a serious bird breeder or just want a small bird enclosure to suit your backyard, we have the right product for you.
We offer a range of additional products to complement your aviary. From cleaning trays, bird locks, optional dividers to hinged hatches and safety walkways, all our products can be worked into your design. Our aviaries are designed to offer excellent ventilation and natural light, ensuring your birds are comfortable, secure, and protected.

Shed Bonanza’s aviaries are built from high quality materials such as a strong welded mesh (12.5 x 12.5 x 1.3mm), with an option to upgrade to heavy gauge wire (25 x 25 x 2mm) in case you have a particularly strong bird. We offer a range of aviaries available in Colorbond as well as in Zincalume which are popular due to easy cleaning and providing a hygienic environment.

A bigger aviary makes your birds happier. Nevertheless, what bird species you’re going to hold, they will feel safe, comfortable and happy during their stay. Installing additional locks for security against vultures will be a good idea. 

Besides, you can also provide your aviary with some extra accessories to somehow help your birds to live up to the fullest.

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