Totally customisable

Build the timber shed of your dreams with a wide range of optional extras. Play around with windows, gutter kits, shelf units and more.

To build a timber shed for your garden can be a rather complicated task. Very often it is difficult to manage with a timber shed design and the result may quite differ from that you expected for.

Shed Bonanza timber sheds range offers so many optional features to customize a garden shed you need. You can have a timber shed of your dream with a wide range of optional extras. You can even play around with windows, gutter kits, shelf units and more.

Each timber shed comes with all timber shed designs, dimensions and materials included.

You can either acquire a timber shed kit with the instructions easy to understand for installing your timber shed or  have it installed with the help of a professional shed builder.

Totally customizable timber shed

Building a timber shed is a great investment to your home.

Every timber shed Shed Bonanza offers comes with a guaranty of high-quality timber shed designs, materials and construction. Besides, all timber garden sheds and timber shed designs are supported with a full product and installation warranty.

Information on every timber garden shed and all the timber shed designs can be found online what takes less time on looking for the perfect timber shed for yourself. With all timber sheds online you can look through all timber shed designs, specifications and images.

Every customer has his own requirements so each timber shed is totally customizable to any size.

Timber garden shed can be used not only as a storage for tools. Shed Bonanza timber shed designs are also suitable for workshops. With a large number of optional features, sizes and designs it offers you have the flexibility to create any timber shed of your mind.

Shed Bonanza can help you every step of the way, from creating your dream design, applying for permits, to building and construction. In-house designers and engineers can help to create sheds of every size, from small garden sheds to large warehouses.

As well as a wide range of timber shed designs, there are also extra optional features for them such as:

  • each shed comes in various sizes;
  • each timber shed can be supplied with extra windows;
  • each timber shed can be installed with a sub-floor or a concrete slab;
  • an offer of a high-quality staining process for each timber shed;

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