A Carport or a Garage? Which Option Is Better for You

A Carport or a Garage? Which Option Is Better for You
If you want your vehicle to be protected. You have two options to choose from – either a carport or a garage.

Many think that a carport and a garage are the same things as they perform the same function. In some way they do, but they also vary in a few key ways. To decide which one is the best choice, it’s better to know the pros and the cons of both. 

Carports and garages have many similar features. They both offer protection from rain, wind, and sun. Both may be either attached to the side of your home or be a free-standing structure. The main differences is in their appearance, construction, and price. 

A garage is a fully enclosed structure with access for you vehicle through sither a roller, sliding or panel lift door.   . A garage keeps out everything that may damage your vehicle. A carport is a structure having at least two open sides. It can keep the sun and rain away from your vehicle, but some severe elements can still damage  your vehicle because of the open sides.
Having learned what is the difference between a carport and a garage, let’s look through the pros and cons of each unit.

Pros of carports:

Lower supply and assembly price

Can be manufactured from various building materials

Can be built by yourself with some  DIY skills

Easy and quick to install

Cons of carports:

Not an all-purpose product

Vehicles are readily available to robbers

Not secure for the storage of items or suitable f items that should not be left out in the open

Add little value to your property

Pros of garages:

Provide perfect protection against the  elements

Provide lots of space for storage of a wide variety of valuable items

Are a deterrent to thieves 

Add more value to your property

Can be turned into the living space 

Cons of garages:

Take more time, money and effort to be constructed

Require to comply with more rigorous regulation