A Guide to Shed Maintenance

A Guide to Shed Maintenance
Regular shed maintenance can play a pretty important role in keeping it looking new, comfortable and stylish.

Lots of people think a garden shed is “a set it and forget about it” kind of investment. 

But this point of view is not correct, as an outdoor shed storage, as well as your home, it requires proper maintenance and security.

With the help of our guide on how to maintain and secure your shed might become a simple DIY checklist that every shed owner in Australia can use.

Determine the Problem Areas

You might think that an appropriate shed maintenance should begin of its exterior, but, actually, the interior of your shed matters most. Check your shed interior for problematic areas such as water spots, moisture or some other leaks. If you reveal any of them, it’s a high time to save your structure.

Check for the Pests

The rodents and pests invasion can deteriorate your contribution to a great extent. You can learn about the tips on how to pest proof your shed here (a link on the article “How to Bug & Pest Proof Your Shed”).

Examine the Exterior of Your Shed

The shed walls, roof and trim are the investment to its outer beauty. Because of the harsh elements and unpredictable weather too often occurring in Australia, the shed paint can fade and dents from bikes or tool leaning on the walls. Take your time and walk around your shed and see what maintenance may be required to keep your investment in top shape.

Examine Shed the Doors and Windows

It may seem a little bit strange, but inspecting both the exterior and interior sides of your shed windows and doors is important. Check the silicone around the window and apply new silicone if needed to stop any water getting inside, over your door you may also add a rain protector strip to keep out any water. Check the roof as well and silicone any cracks, also.

The door hinges may get out of order after some time as well grease the hinges to ensure they are in good working order and not stiff to open and close. Keeping to all the above-mentioned tips will help to make your shed lifespan longer