An Aussie Barn Design vs An American Barn Design

An Aussie Barn Design vs An American Barn Design
The term “barn” is generally used to describe a large steel structure which is such a usual sight on rural properties all around Australia.

But, in fact, there are some things that clearly differ an American barn from an Aussie one.

When it comes to constructing a barn, the choice of design is determined by its purpose and individual alternative, as each one has its own benefits.

An American barn has a distinctly raised central bay with a vertical fall between the main structure and two symmetrical sidewalls. This central bay is wider and higher than Aussie’s, and along with its lower roofline, it provides interesting exterior and spacious interior, so the structure is more flexible and functional. 

Because of a high central part and wide sidewalls, an American barn is a perfect solution to keep horses. These barns can be easily customized for stables. Due to the option of mezzanine flooring, they can be also used as convenient workspaces. A possibility of extending the mezzanine floor to the exterior of the barn is one more option of the American barn that can provide it with undercover balcony for more functionality and aesthetics.

The Aussie barn also has a raised central bay with two closed sidewalls, but it doesn’t have a fall in the roofline. Its central roof is connected directly with the lower sidewalls, which makes the structure more classical and a little simpler.

The range of purposes is available for both designs, providing a safe and secure storage for farm equipment, vehicles, livestock, which can be customized to fit all your needs and budget.

Both the American barn and the Aussie barn can be accommodated with the roller doors, skylights, windows, mezzanine flooring, personal access doors, internal dividing doors, ventilation and insulation.

If you want your barn to add the value to your property, it can be custom-designed and provided with a modern roof and diverse sidewalls – either open or closed. You can also choose from a variety of Colorbond colours to blend with your house.