Benefits of a Timber Garden Shed

Benefits of a Timber Garden Shed
A timber shed can not only be practical storage for your tools but also an attractive addition to your garden.

 All timber sheds built in Melbourne are manufactured using the highest quality treated pine to provide you with a comfortable and safe working environment.

There are some options typical to buying a timber shed:


Timber reduces noise perfectly. For instance, when steel cladding is screwed to steel framing, noise usually transfers through it. When heavy rain or hard wind, the knocks and bumps within a shed usually make a loud sound. With timber poles and wood framing their softer material is able to absorb the sound.

Rust protection

Unlike steel sheds which sometimes may end up with rust over time, timber sheds are rust proof to provide that it’s long lasting. Timber is environmentally friendly and at the same time does not compromise with regard to rust proofing. That’s why timber sheds perfectly fit into the harsh Australian climate.


It may be surprisingly a lot but timber sheds, have a very good structural tolerance to extreme heat. Timber doesn’t ignite until it reaches 250 degrees Centigrade. And when it lights up it develops protective insulating char layer.

Environmental safety

One ton of wood is able to absorb and store a solid amount of 1.7 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. Steel, on the contrary, emits 1.2 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. At the end of your timber shed life, wood which is left may be used for some other purposes.

Simple electrical wiring

Wood doesn’t conduct electricity though it’s much easier, cheaper and safer to wire a timber shed for electricity.

No limits on design and size

When planning to construct a shed in an area of your home it’s very important to take into consideration the relationship between choosing the material and the weather conditions.

Choosing timber as the main building material is the best alternative. With both endless design possibilities and unrivalled technical properties you will have the best timber shed for yourself.