Choose an Automatic Garage Door System for Smooth Operation

Choose an Automatic Garage Door System for Smooth Operation
Automatic garage door system was created for high functionality. The motors applied in the system are manufactured to last long and stand any weather condition.

There are such types of garage doors:

Sectional garage doors

This type is typical for Australian homes. It opens and closes vertically and stays inside the garage at all times. This type of doors is split either into sections or supple horizontal panels. Sectional garage door provides space for another car to be parked directly outside.

The advantages of sectional garage door:

  • can be used for both home and commercial garage storage
  • panels interlock provides a high level of safety and protection against the bad elements
  • constructed and designed to last long, using only the best quality materials;
  • is available in a wide range of appealing styles

Roller doors

Many people actually call garage doors as roller doors because they are constructed in a horizontal ridged steel form, which provides them with the flexibility to roll up a door drum when open.

The advantages of their simple design include:

  • easy access to the ceiling and storage space
  • possibility to suit any opening
  • high level of security and protection
  • laneway and back property access

Tilt doors

The tilt doors are constructed in one panel and are reinforced with an internal steel frame. They open outside. This type of doors is supplied in the widest range of exterior designs and finishes.

The tilt doors can be provided in such materials as western red cedar, plywood, molding, copper sheeting etc.

The benefits of tilt doors are the following:

  • a perfect protection against harsh Australian weather conditions
  • ability to be adjusted with an automatic garage door opener
  • individual design and installation to suit the size of your garage opening
  • a high level of security