Choosing a Shed for Australian Conditions

Choosing a Shed for Australian Conditions
Australia has got a long history of sheds. Just some years ago every suburban house had some kind of a shed.

Some time ago there were garages that couldn’t contain much more than a family car. Most people had garden sheds to keep their tools in.

Some people had storage sheds for bikes, suitcases and stuff that is not used all year round. 

The question you want to ask is “What’s changed over the past 50 years or so?”. The answer is “Pretty much everything”.

Today’s lifestyle differs a lot. Most houses are heated through more efficient methods than open fires. 

Garages have changed, for instance. Now they are constructed not only to have more space for cars but more room for storage of other items as well. 

Nowadays even sheds usage has changed. People spend more time in their sheds and use it for a much wider range of purposes than just keeping their tools. 

The most significant change in garden sheds and, in fact, all the other types of sheds is in the materials and construction techniques used. These materials are much better. 

Though, you can still see some beautiful examples of farm sheds like hay sheds, wooden sheds, industrial sheds all over Australia. But nowadays sheds are much more quality, stylish, functional and strong. All of them are built in Australia with the Australian climate in mind to survive even in the toughest summers. 

What material is better to choose?

According to the size of the shed and its design, you can find what you’re really looking for.

Steel sheds are the best choice for storage in Australia. It can store both large and small items in your garden or backyard. 

Steel sheds are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit everyone. They can be delivered in a kit form and be of a big variety of styles, roof designs, door positions and a range of colours.
Timber garden sheds are also a good choice. They are made of western red cedar which is naturally resistant to rotting and insect attacks and not prone to splitting. The high-insulating value of cedar makes wooden shed be a perfect storage the whole year round. The wood used for Australian sheds is also processed without any chemical treatment.