Choosing The Right Shed Placement

Choosing The Right Shed Placement
Placing your outdoor shed structure might be the most important decision to make when buying a new garden shed.

There are some key factors to consider when deciding on your shed placement.


Take a place in your yard that is level with no roots and rock clumps. You should ensure you won’t trip any obstacles at the access to your garden shed. Also, try to avoid low areas where water tends to gather. Or, seal these low areas with gravel, sand or use a raised concrete slab to lift up the structure.


Taking to account your future shed purpose, you will need to consider the right level of accessibility. It might be better to place your outdoor storage shed somewhere closer to your home to provide easier access to your gardening tools and equipment.


When thinking about your shed location, do not forget about the sunlight on your property and how it can be profitably used for your garden shed lightning.

Natural lighting with the skylights utilising is the best way to improve the visibility inside your shed.

If you are going to place your shed structure in the shaded area, the solution is to install electric lights.


If you decide to place your outdoor shed in a sunny area, take into account your local climate and the heat it might be exposed to. You can install the louvre windows to provide good airflow and ensure the items stored inside take enough heat.

Council Rules

It is very important to get acquainted with your local requirements such as the boundaries distance and servitude, exceptions, council zoning, etc. The rules depend on the location and usually vary in different districts. So, it is better to consult with your council to make sure your shed placement meets all the requirements.