Creative ways to customise your shed

Creative ways to customise your shed
Creative ways to customise your shed. Whether you’re looking for a workshop, some extra storage, or a place to escape to, having a shed can give you some much needed flexibility. When building the perfect shed or garage for your lifestyle, customisation could be key. There are lots of creative and practical ways to make your shed uniquely yours.


Let the light in

If you want to spend a lot of time in your shed, it needs to be inviting. Windows are a great way to transform your shed from simple storage to a retreat you’ll love working and relaxing in. Skylights can also create a beautiful, sunny atmosphere, even if you’re not north-facing.

Once you’ve installed some large (or extra-large!) windows in your shed, you can install flower boxes to help bring even more nature into your working space.

Choose colours that blend

You don’t want your shed sticking out like a sore thumb. The colour of your shed can have a huge influence on how your shed looks in relation to your house and garden. We have an online tool that lets you play around with different colour options for your shed or garage, so you can get an idea of what it might look like. Shed Bonanza also offer the full range of Colorbond® colours, so you can match your shed to the colour of your home.

Add charm with a Verandah

Imagine kicking back with a book outside under the shelter of your new shed’s rustic porch. Verandas give your shed a cottage-like feel, which is perfect when you’re using your shed for a home office or creative space. You can even get some creeping vines growing up the posts for a picturesque escape.

Design your own structure

Building something truly unique means thinking about the design from day one. How big do you want your shed to be? How tall? Think about the sort of features you want in your shed, such as roller doors, open bays, side doors, roof vents, garaports, lofts or even balconies. With the right support, anything is possible. Looking to build a truly unique shed? Contact us today and we can help you design and customise the shed or garage of your dreams.