Customising Your Outdoor Garden Shed With the Perfect Door

Customising Your Outdoor Garden Shed With the Perfect Door
Are you acquiring an outdoor garden shed for your property, but you’re not sure which door is right for you? Or perhaps the door didn’t even cross your mind? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Shed Bonanza has innovative door designs and solutions for every need.

Selecting the right door is a great way to customize your garden shed, but it can be hard to know which door will meet your needs. Whether this space is for storage or your new workshop, we’re passionate about helping you make the right choice.

Single Hinged Doors

Looking for more of a traditional shed door? The single door or a set of double doors is the most common in Australia. This standard door swings outward with a full 180 degrees range of motion. The single door is quite versatile; it can be customised to swing inward if you’re limited on space outside of the shed.


Double Doors For Your Garden Shed

Double Hinged Doors

Do you plan on moving large items in and out of your garden shed, such as a ride-on mower? If you require a wider door, we would recommend upgrading your shed with the functional double door. With a width of 1.55m, the double door will give you twice the amount of entry space as a single. Did we mention these quality doors are one of the most affordable options if you’re sticking to a budget?

Garden Shed Steel Frame Door Opening

If you’d like to equip your shed doors with extra strength and security, ask us about our Steel Frame Door and Opening. This option is extra durable and available exclusively to single and double hinged doors.


Sliding Doors

Looking for a more sophisticated door? Give this one a burl! The sliding door is a perfect addition for spaces with limited access. Since the doors move from side to side, this will ensure you have adequate space both inside and outside of your garden shed.  This small touch can make a huge difference!

Garden Shed Sliding Doors

Double Sliding Doors

Need a door that can fit in tight spaces and provide even wider access? Double sliding doors will be the perfect addition, with 1.5m in opening width. A huge benefit of the larger entry is that it makes space feel less confined. 

Roller Doors

Want extra added security for your outdoor garden shed? Consider installing roller doors, which are constructed with sustainable steel here in Australia. The perfect touch if you want extra peace of mind while storing expensive items, such as tools, pushbikes or golf clubs. These heavy-duty doors boast up to 3m in width, so you’ll have heaps of extra entry space. This is the ideal option for townhouses, as these doors will allow you to fit your shed into the smallest outdoor spaces. 

Quick Takeaways

All of our Aussie-made doors are top-quality, so picking the right one for your garden shed will depend on your needs and the space available at your property.

·         If you’re storing equipment that requires a larger entrance, then a hinged double door or sliding double door is the way to go.

·         If the space in front of your shed is limited, the sliding door or roller door will eliminate this concern.

The key when selecting a door is to think long-term. If you’re using your shed for extra storage space now, perhaps later you may want to turn it into something else.  Ask yourself what the purpose of your shed is now and what it will be in the long run. 

If you have any further questions, please be sure to tee up with our knowledgeable sales team here at Shed Bonanza. As Australia’s leading shed experts, we want to help you choose the right door for your outdoor garden shed, so you’ll be happy for many years to come. You can also follow our Facebook Page to get inspiration for your Garden Shed and other steel buildings.