Do you choose a Metal or Timber Carport?

Do you choose a Metal or Timber Carport?
A Carport is a perfect addition to your home if you need a safe and secure storage to protect your car.

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which type of a Carport is better – metal or timber. Here’s some information about both metal and Timber Carports that can help you to make a choice.

Metal Carports

There are two types of Metal Carports – steel and aluminum. Metal is the most popular choice used in Carports for a number of reasons. It doesn’t decay, wrench or twist and it is termite proof. Metal is also resistant to erosion, fire impervious and is very sound and sturdy. Properly built, Metal Carports tend to last for a long period of time.

Steel Carports are made from Colorbond steel which is the most popular building material because of its soundness and ruggedness and outlasts the other materials. Aluminum is light and cheap and it may not last so long as steel.

Metal Carports are totally customizable. You can choose not only a Carport Size but also have it either attached or freestanding. You can also choose the design of your Carport Roof yourself. 
A well-designed Carport will not only protect your car, boat or caravan from the harsh Australian climate, you can choose from a range of gable or flat-roof carport designs, in a variety of colours and sizes.

The Flat Roof is the most economical version that can be built in a range of sizes, the Gable Roof will be individually engineered and designed to complement and enhance the look of your home whilst providing shelter and protection for your vehicles and possessions.

A Carport can be designed and constructed by a professional builder, or you can acquire a metal Carport DIY kit which comes with all the supplements needed for a quick and safe setting up.

Timber Carports

Timber Carports are made using timber for the whole foundation. Usually treated pine or timber is used to ensure that your Timber Carport will stand up to the harsh Australian climate. They can be either freestanding or attached to the house, depending on your needs and are usually cheaper than Metal Carports.

 A Timber Carport can be custom designed and constructed to fulfill all your requirements or you can choose from a range of prefabricated Carport Kits including everything you need – pre-carved timber, roof covering, galvanized installation, etc. It can be also decorated with finishing’s such as lattice, finials and gable treatments. A Carport Kit is available and it can be raised by one or two people or by a professional.

Timber Carport roofing can be either flat or gable and made from such types as Colorbond, Zincalume or Polycarbonate.

Don’t forget that timber is prone to expansion due to temperature or weather changes and you have to take more care of it. However, timber can be painted in any colour you wish so if you want to change the colour of your Carport you can simply do it.