Garden Shed Care & Maintenance

Garden Shed Care & Maintenance
Either your garden shed is something you have inherited or something you have invested in, it should be protected and kept in a good condition.

Only a few hours spent on looking after a garden shed will prolong its life.

There is a wide range of treatments for a garden shed care and maintenance.  It is useful to start with identifying what is your shed constructed of - treated or untreated timber. If you are going to buy a garden shed, the company supplying it should provide you with this information.

Maintenance of an untreated garden shed

One of the most expensive timbers used for building of garden sheds in Melbourne is cedar wood. Cedar wood stands out with its amazing look and durability due to its natural oils, colour and beautiful smell. It needs a little or no treatment at all too

Usually cedar will fade over some time and if you want your shed to look as fresh as it was at the day of installation, then timber should be treated with either clear wood oil or a wood stain.  Cedar is intended to last untreated at about 60 years but it usually needs to be taken care of to look much younger.

When choosing a paint to preserve your garden shed, use a primer to consolidate timber and stop “bleeding” from the natural knots of a shed.

When your shed starts to weather out, it’s natural that there might be some shrinkage within the cladding. You can prime your garden shed applying one top coat and in 4-6 weeks check for any empty timber. Then combine the primer and apply the final top layer with the colour of your choice.

Maintenance of pressure treated (Tanalised) garden shed

A pressure treated tanalised garden shed is the one that has been built under pressure to preserve wood from decay.

Tanalised timber is already treated and if you want to stain or colour your garden shed, it’s better to do it in at least 8 weeks after its installation. It helps the timber to be exposed to the elements.

It is important that a suitable product to be applied over tanalised timber as this type of maintenance provides timber with an oily finish.

Maintenance of a previously treated garden shed

If your garden shed is previously treated but you don’t know what it has been treated with then you should be pretty sure that all types of maintenance and preservations can be used. All products should be applied to a solid base, therefore, with a sanding block, a soft wire brush, a clean cloth, protection for yourself, rubber gloves / eye protection and mask, you should sand down and clean all discrepancies to be sure that the timber is clean and dust free. If the timber is stained, it means that that the existing color cannot be repainted. If you want to repaint it from an existing dark color, you should use opaque spots or paints.

Regardless of what type of garden shed you have, the elements will lead to wear. That’s why it is very important to protect your shed from them.