How to Bug & Pest Proof Your Shed

How to Bug & Pest Proof Your Shed
Bugs and pests can not only ruin your shed and the items stored inside, but they can also attack you if caught out.

Let’s learn more about shed rodents, how to treat them and how to keep them out of your garden shed.

Below there are some things to do for rodents not to call your garden shed home.

Seal All the Wall Gaps

It is known that bugs, rodents, and other pests invade your storage shed through the gaps in the walls and flooring. To avert their invitation, ensure all the holes in your shed are sealed with the construction caulk.

Keep Your Rubbish Away From the Shed

Some homeowners like to keep their rubbish in their outdoor shed. This is not a good idea, as it gives the pests one more reason to invade your shed “free food”.

Don’t Keep Open Seed Bags

Keeping an open seed bag (not sealed) in your garden shed makes pests invade your structure, as they also see a free snack. The solution is to keep seeds in the sealed plastic bins.

Keep Your Shed Water Tight

Preventing water and moisture from coming inside your shed is a must. As if water and mould damage weren’t too persuasive, rain leakage into your garden shed makes it a more accomplished habitat for those rodents and pests you want to restrain. That’s why it is important to mend all the leaks in the roof and caulk the walls. Insects are stuck to the moisture, so try to keep your garden shed dry.

Keep the Shed Roof Intact

The holes in your shed roof can not only cause leaks but to allow birds to make nests on its top and even make a perfect place for wasps and bees.

Upgrade to a Well-Built Shed

It is proved that a quality-built shed is the best prevention from any kind of pests. If you’re looking for a shed company in Melbourne to buy a new outdoor shed that is sound and will keep the elements and invaders away, Shed Bonanza can offer a range of options available for you to choose the one that will meet all your requirements.