How to build a convenient shed in your garden

How to build a convenient shed in your garden
Having a shed is both a useful investment and a nice addition to your home. It’ a perfect place to keep all your utilities.

Either you’re a do-it-yourself or hire a pro in creating the shed of your dreams, you should follow some steps for it to be convenient and spacious. 

If you spend a little time and effort to organize it properly, you’ll have a nice place to work in or you won’t worry about your tools being stored.

Consider your shed

Start with the consideration of your shed. Is it going to be a place to keep your tools and equipment in? Are you going to park your lawn mower inside?

Or maybe you want your garden shed to be a welcoming place to work in or host outdoor gatherings.

If you plan its use in advance, it will help you to find out your shed size – either a big shed or a small shed. It’s also important to decide whether you want a steel frame shed, cedar shed, or timber shed. 

Examine building codes

All the buildings must conform to the code to get a planning permission. You must verify it with the local council. While approaching for the building codes you must know the general size of your structure to get all the information you need to add a garden shed to your home.

If you don’t have the time or wish to do the paperwork concerning a building permit, you can ask the shed company to apply and take care of the application process for you.

Choose a size

To have a convenient shed doesn’t mean it to be of a very big size. A 3x3 shed can be roomy enough for storing garden tools and other things not used any more. 

In case you need more space and have enough room on your property and the shed price isn’t so essential a 6x6 shed will be better choice for you.

Choose a place

Mostly sheds are located close to the garden if they are used as storage for tools.

If their purpose is to entertain then placing it near usual point of gatherings will be a great idea. It can be placed near a patio or under the shade of a tree.

Choose the materials

When it comes to choosing materials to make your shed with your faced with limitless options. An easy and quick way to gather all the necessary materials is a garden shed kit. Very often it takes too much time to buy all the items need for building a shed separately, that’s why a shed kit is a great convenience especially for customers with limited time for building, you should also notice when buying a shed kit it’s competitively priced. Expect to pay approximately $1500 for it. 

Make a place ready

In most places proper support of a shed depends on the basic gravel surface. That’s why the best way is to choose a flat or nearly flat surface.

Then mark out an outline and dig out the area from 4 to 6 inches. Fill in the excavated area with crushed gravel and level if necessary. Afterwards cover the gravel with landscape fabric.

Build your shed

Be ready to spend over 70 hours to build your garden shed and finish its exterior. Building the floor, walls, and roof of a garden shed is only the first part of the building process.

The best way to have a custom designed shed is to find a shed company with a skillful and helpful team of designers, consultants and engineers who will help you in everything.