How to Build a Garage Living Space

How to Build a Garage Living Space
A garage is not just a place to store your vehicles. Nowadays it is regularly used as a perfect living space.

Homeowners very often turn their finished garages into home offices, storage space, entertaining areas and even into man caves.

When there is too little living space in your home, turning your garage into a room can be a solution. 

Turning your garage into a living space can be a enormous job - raising the floor, insulating the walls, and providing it with the proper heating, cooling and ventilation as well as a door and windows. There are many things to consider before starting this project. 

If you are going to add some more living space to your home without starting from scratch, turning your garage shed into a room is a factor to take into account. 

A garage remodel is a great option in the following cases.

A garage door is easy to replace for your space. You should consider whether your new living space will allow for patio doors or extra entrance where the roller door used to be. If not, you can blend the new wall into the home exterior and make a wall that doesn’t look like it used to be a garage. 

Heating and cooling are in your budget. To reduce the costs, check whether your current HVAC system will be able to support one more room. If so, you can just expand the ventilation to cover your garage. If not, you can either update the system or acquire an independent system.

If you want to add a kitchen or a bathroom, do not forget about the plumbing. However, this is the most expensive part of a garage renovation. 

And, do not forget that if you are going to turn your garage into some kind of living space, remember that the properly built garage shed in the beginning makes the best-finished garage shed in the end.