How to choose the right floor for your shed?

How to choose the right floor for your shed?
One of the most frequently asked questions is «What sort of base or floor is better for your shed?».

There are four options and each of them has its pros and cons. Very often one or another is quite a good choice, but sometimes it’s better to weight things to make the right decision.
There’s some information below that might help you to acquire a shed that’s right for you. 

A slab

Setting a slab is the most expensive option and is popular among those who use their sheds as workshops and usually where the ground is unbalanced. 

Slab is strong and can easily protect the shed from ground shifting and moisture. It is also easy to be cleaned up if you regularly make a mess when working in your shed. 

If you need to do some excavation to level off the ground before setting the slab, the process of constructing is takes more time and money. If you decide to move your shed, you will have to leave a large patch of concrete or you will need to get a bobcat to remove it.


If there is a paved area large enough for a shed in your home territory, it can be a good thing.

Pavers, of course, are not as solid as a slab, but are still a very reliable and durable foundation. Though, if waterproofness s important for you, they will not be the best choice.
They should be laid on a flat surface, so you may have to do a little excavating. 

A heavy duty floor

This type of floor has an attractive look even if the ground isn’t flat. 

It’s strong and comes with legs so you don’t have to excavate it to provide a firm level foundation for your shed. Moreover, it will be also possible to move your shed if need.

If you choose the heavy-duty floor, you don’t need to acquire the rebated floor as the rebated floor panel is included in the shed kit.

A rebated floor

This option is both  the most cost-effective in case your shed goes on flat surface and the easiest one for a DIY project using a kit.

A rebated floor is also a pretty attractive option if you think you want to move your shed in the future.