How to design your ideal garage to suit your requirements

How to design your ideal garage to suit your requirements
Watching home renovation programs on TV, it’s easy to assume building something new from scratch on your property is easy. Off to the local hardware store and within no time, you’ve got a brand new garage that’s fit-for-purpose and ready to utilise. While we encourage enthusiasm, we also need to be practical in advice. Informing you to make the right choice is how Shed Bonanza operates.

Erecting any type of garage is a detailed process that can often include council permits, unique design specifications (like draining in front of roller doors) and expert and skilled builders. 


Before you slap down corrugated iron panels fixed to some concrete and call it a garage, here are some questions that need to be asked and decisions made before designing a garage that accommodates your requirements both now and into the future.

What’s the purpose of your garage?

This is the most important question you can ask yourself. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked until it’s too late. The purpose of your garage will inform every aspect of design, construction and usability - most garages can house a car but that doesn’t mean the garage is usable with a car parked inside. 


The size of your car (or cars) directly impact the functionality of your garage. Popular car sizes in Australia range from a small 4.3 meters in length and 1.7 meters in width to the large 5+ meters in length and 2 meters in width. 


If your garage is solely for a car, a detailed understanding of the size (including any future purchases) and knowledge of the doors and boot opening circumference is vital. 


The size of your car is just one detail you need to know. If the garage will double as a workspace, storage (for boats or boxes) or hobby area, this needs to be factored in around the size of your car. 


Failing to properly understand the use of your garage is a critical mistake made by many.  


Colour choice

It may seem silly, but the colour of your garage can be a source of frustration for couples. One wants cottage green similar to the landscape, while the other wants bright pink (no joke, it’s happened before). 


It’s not for us to say what colour you want but it’s something you need to consider with your partner before you attend a garage showroom - remember you have to live with it (or them) after all. Suffice to say, choosing a colour scheme that supports the surrounding landscape, like yours and the neighbour’s house and scenery, will most likely be a wise choice and avoid awkward over the fence conversations. 


If you’re really not sure on the colour you want, drop by one of the four Shed Bonanza locations in Bayswater, Dandenong, Derrimut or Warragul to collect a free colour-swatch sample to reference against your garage and home. 


Added extras

Bells and whistles can make a garage but once construction starts, it’s almost impossible to make large-scale amendments to your garage. Things to consider here include:

  1. Does your garage need power (i.e. to motor a roller door)? 

  2. Do you want a personal access door (aside from a roller door)? 

  3. Whether cladding or insulation is needed?

  4. If a skylight is required?

  5. If windows are needed (and where they will be located)? 

  6. Do you need a roller door for easy access?

  7. Do you need plumbing and drainage? 


Where applicable, adding some of these extras to your garage will take it from a practical space to a functional one you’ll love spending time in.  


Having much to consider and so many questions to ask is ultimately a good thing as you don’t want to invest your time and resources into something ill-thought-out and destined to cause problems. 


Shed Bonanza want you to make an informed and practical decision. That’s why we developed our 3D Garage Designer which allows you to design your garage online and get a no-obligation free quote.