How to Ensure Your Farm Shed is Protected from Bushfires

How to Ensure Your Farm Shed is Protected from Bushfires
When you’re going to acquire a new shed for your farm or as a workplace, it is important to ensure that the structure is bush fire proof.

Many think a bushfire is a low-risk possibility that won’t affect your new shed, but, actually, it is common in Australia.

Bushfires are often caused by a lightning strike, bonfire, agricultural burning and so on. 

The best way to ensure your new shed is protected in case of a bushfire is buying a sound product which is made of high-quality structural steel that doesn’t burn. Shed Bonanza offers steel sheds either with the Colorbond or Zincalume outside sheeting, which is not combustible. 

There are some steps to follow to keep your outdoor shed and its surrounds safe during the bushfire season.

Build a Buffer

Whilst the materials of your new farm shed are not combustible the equipment or products stored in the shed could be. To minimize the risk of your house catching fire, make sure your farm shed is placed at least 8 meters away from your house. 

Prepare by Pruning your Trees and Cleaning your Gutters

If you have trees or branches near power lines leading to your house or shed or that has grown close to or are overhanging your house or shed it is best to prune these to ensure that during the summer season they do not catch fire or set fire to your property.  

If there are leaves in the gutters on your shed or home, when they are dry they can catch fire. So, you should give all the gutters surrounding your structures a big clean at least once a year, especially before the fire season starts. 

Declutter Flammable Materials during the Warmer Months

Maybe, it seems to you as common sense, but it’s better not to take this seemingly simple tip for granted. Very often the flammable materials such as hay, wood, and chemicals are stored in farm sheds. While storing these items you should keep in mind that they can easily cause the risk of the fire, especially during the bushfire season. That’s why it’s absolutely vital that you declutter any unused items during the warmer months.