How to Maintain Your Colorbond Garage Door

How to Maintain Your Colorbond Garage Door
Utilizing a Colorbond garage door for your shed is a great idea, taking to account that it comes with the features that help make your structure more skilled and long-lasting. They have been specifically created to resist termite invasion, corrosion, fire and other bad conditions.

But you should remember that although Colorbond garage doors are particularly designed and inquired to stand harsh Australian climate and weather conditions, special maintenance is obligatory to keep them in shape.

This will also keep its aesthetic features as well as its effectiveness.

There are some tips for you to undertake in maintaining your Colorbond garage door.

The «Dos» to follow:

Wash the cover surfaces regularly

As a rule, the exterior surface of the door that is usually exposed to rainwater does not need to be washed very often. However, the interior door surface is not exposed to rainwater and will need to be washed at least every 6 months.

Remove patches of dirt carefully

If hosing down your doors there’s still some dirt or grime left, carefully take it away with some soft detergent and a sponge. Afterwards, wash off with water until the dirt disappears completely.

Create a routine

Although, we all understand that cleaning and washing garage doors are quite wearing task, creating a habit out of doing it repeatedly becomes a routine and then won’t be much trouble any more.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions

Certain Colorbond garage doors have their unique components and require particular maintenance methods. That’s why it will be better to study them carefully before proceeding for you not to have any problems afterwards.

The «Don’ts» to avoid:

Apart from knowing the things to do, you should know the things to avoid as well, as these things can actually lead to some problems later on.

Don’t forget to rinse the doors with water first

Before using any cleaners for washing your garage door, clean it with water first to avert paint coating wiping or deletion.

Don’t ignore the spot test

Before applying some detergent or cleaner, use it in a small amount in the edge part of the door first and leave it for a minute for you to see if there are any bad reactions. And remember to rub it gently not to cause damage.

Don’t choose just any detergent

You should remember that there are special compounds for Colorbond garage doors. For not to get frustrating results, you should always be sure that you’re applying the proper solution.

Don’t use an abrasive scourer

Using rough or steel scourers can cause harm. To ensure you won’t damage your door paint, utilize mild cloths or sponges.