How to Place Doors and Windows in Your Shed

How to Place Doors and Windows in Your Shed
Either you want to design a new storage shed, or just reconstruct an existing one, it’s quite important to decide on the placement of doors and windows as well.

Your new shed purpose will actually help you to choose the right location for its windows and doors. Having decided what you’ll be storing in it, how much time you’re going to spend there and what you will be doing inside will help you to solve this issue.

Shed doors

If you want to have a multi-purpose storage – used both for storing of seasonal tools and of equipment and machinery, then consider installing two doors. A double door in one end helps you to easily drive in a machinery while a single door in the other end will serve as an access to the storage area.

When choosing double doors for your shed don’t forget to take into account the type of the machinery you are going to store.

Shed windows

Window placement is not so demanding as door placement. But the fact what you’re going to store in you shed is as important as while door placement.

Windows are an integral part of the building as it can get stuffy without them. Moreover, if you are going to use your shed as a workshop or a place to have a rest. In such a case, find out the direction of the prevailing winds come from and set the windows in your shed accordingly.

You should also remember that it is quite important to have enough natural light in your shed. Consider where the sun will come in when planning the placement of windows in your shed.

When considering the windows placement don’t forget about the equipment and tool you're going to store in your shed. For sun rays not to damage them, place your shed windows so that they let only indirect light enter. Or set up window treatments such as room-darkening blinds or shutters.