How To Transform A Carport Into A Beautiful Patio

How To Transform A Carport Into A Beautiful Patio
Surely, you can try demolishing and eliminating the concrete base, but that is troublesome and can be quite an expensive process.

Just turn on your imagination and some basic DIY skills instead and your carport will be converted into a wonderful outdoor entertainment and relaxation area - a patio, where all your family gatherings, parties with friends and relaxed evenings with a book and a cup of tea will take place. 

Consider Building a Roof

The very first thing to do is to make sure your patio has a roof. Of course, all carports are already provided with the roof but think about installing a simple porch over the top of it that will provide both the space with some nice shade during hot seasons and perfect protection from the elements all year round. 
The option of building some additional walls is also available, that can provide more protection from the elements inside, but don’t forget that the aim of the patio is to be a place where you will breathe in the fresh air. One or two extra walls are enough to make this area a little cosier, but make sure the fresh air flow is still completely facilitated.
Almost all carports built in Australia have a concrete floor. Decide whether you want it to be left in your patio or maybe you want to renew it - polished concrete could be an acceptable option. You may also think about using the floorboards or brick.

Clean, Repaint and Furnish 

Once space is ready, the next step is to carefully clean and repaint it, and then think about furnishing. What furnishing to select depends on what are you going to use your patio for. 

Add Vibrancy

Actually, your carport may look a little sad and you will want to make it look cosier and more pleasant. There are three things you can provide your carport-turned-patio with to make it a place where you will feel comfortable and calm:
Plants. Hang pots with flowers and greenery sprouting from them around the space to add life and colour to your new place for rest.
Fabrics. If your carport-turned-patio isn’t enclosed (without additional walls), put up the curtains using a fabric that can stand different weather conditions. It will both create an appealing visual effect and provide some protection from the elements. 
Decorations. Adding some woodwork or ceramic decorations, which are also resistant to bad elements, will give your new place an inviting feel. 
One more thing to take into account is to provide your new place for rest with some quality bug repellent to prevent being attacked by mosquitos, as you are going to use your renewed carport all year round.