Make Your Own Shed Design Truly Unique

Make Your Own Shed Design Truly Unique
Creating your own shed design is a great option if you can't find a shed of your dream, or if you've foundit but haven’t got enough funds for it.

By developing your own shed, you are free to choose the exact elements you are looking for, as well as pay attention to your own taste and style and distribute items according to your budget.

There are some things of a shed design which are to be considered before moving on to details.

Size and shape

A very first point is to collect the main dimensions to decide on the size and shape of your shed. Start from measuring the total area of the floor space. For this, you need to know the intended width and depth of the shed.

Then you can determine the size of your wall. Afterwards, you need to determine the intended height of the ceiling inside, as well as the height of your eaves outside.

Roof covering

Once you have decided on the choice of your favourite roof style, you can think about the type of coating. For a garden shed design which has a steeply sloping roof, you may prefer to stick to the time-tested gypsum or felted roof. For other roofs of a gentler slope, other options may be interesting.


The purpose of your shed has a great influence on the construction of its walls. If it is going to be used as a tool shed, then you’ll need to insulate the walls.

If you’re going to use your shed as a place to have a rest or as a garden office, then you will definitely have to insulate the walls for not to be cold in winter.


This design element will be the first solution, regardless of whether windows will be open or not open. If they will be open, then you have to decide whether you prefer the top hung style or the side hung style. The top hung windows are of a traditional style, which slide up in their cases. The side hung windows usually slide either left or right on a track.

You must also take into account the rating of the window. Windows are now available for various purposes. You probably do not want to pay for triple glazing, which saves all the heat if you just keep garden tools in it. On the contrary, you do not want to install glass windows in the garden. If you do, you may have problems with temperature control in your shed.


The door you will provide your shed with will also be based on its functionality and design. If you are going to use it as a storage for large equipment, then you will need a double door. If it is going to be a garden office then you can consider one door that can allow a lot of light if you do not want to make it more private. You will also have to decide where you want to place it on the shed, as well as what width and height it should be.