Mezzanine in the Shed for Extra Storage

Mezzanine in the Shed for Extra Storage
Are you short of space in your storage shed? A mezzanine can be a practical and convenient solution.

A mezzanine level is an embossed area in a shed or a barn. A good and practical thing is that in Australia many of the sheds and barns are projected with a relief centre section which gives a possibility of including a mezzanine floor and providing extra storage space.

Besides, a mezzanine level can be used either for additional office space or for the main workspace while the ground floor is used for storing things or operation. 

Mezzanine levels can be applied to other types of buildings such as farm sheds, machinery sheds, warehouses etc. where the underutilized area is altered into working space as well.

Actually, it is easier and more economically to provide your shed with a mezzanine level during the construction stage. If you are thinking about adding a mezzanine level to your storage, there are some options for you to consider:

What type of items are you going to keep on the second floor

What load is going to be held (It is important to consult an expert to make sure that your building meets all the construction requirements and the weight load is adequate.

The place and the type of entry on the mezzanine floor (stairs, handrails etc.).

The widths, the length and the height of your mezzanine floor

Adding a mezzanine level to your storage shed can be cost-effective, as you don’t have to move premises to put your growing needs, pay an off-site storage space or build another shed.

Of course, there are some quite important things to consider before you start any construction job, thus unless you are not sure that all the technical specifications and building regulations are covered, it will be better to have the work done by an experienced professional.

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