Shed Locks and How To Keep Your Shed Safe

Shed Locks and How To Keep Your Shed Safe
Actually, you keep some valuable items in your outdoor shed storage and want to be sure they are secured.

Using a quality shed lock can avert unexpected access or theft. There is a range of various shed locks and the options to consider depending on the style of your shed. 
The most popular type of shed lock is a padlock. Most shed designs in Australia use only this type of lock, so checking the design of your shed door(s) is obligatory before visiting a shed store. 

The disadvantage of a padlock is its possibility to be broken with bolt cutters. But it can be prevented by using a cylinder padlock, which is much more difficult to break. 
The key lock is another type of locks. Key locks are similar to the padlocks, but they use a key instead of the combination. They provide the same level of security as well, and applying a cylinder-style key lock offers more security than just a standard key lock. 
If your outdoor shed is constructed with the usage of a solid frame and a full door, the option of the deadbolt is available. This type of lock offers a high level of security, as it is inside the door frame and door and is difficult to be broken with lock cutter. The only disadvantage is its high cost for installation. 
To provide extra security for your outdoor shed you can think about a security system designed especially for sheds. One of the most widespread designs used is an infrared motion detector that lets out a high pitched sound if the door of your shed is opened without entering a password. This option adds extra security to whatever lock you choose for your shed door.