The "She-Shed". It’s No Secret.

The "She-Shed". It’s No Secret.
Have you ever said to somebody you’d love to have a secret room in your house? A special, hidden room that is only accessible through a mysterious bookshelf turned doorway? Past the doorway a secret passage takes you to a spiral staircase that descends into a sheltered living space filled with all things that encapsulate…you. Well, if you’re lucky enough to have a secret room like this surely you are the envy of many, however for most a secret room may seem a little impractical. But don’t give up just yet, there’s a new trend that might tickle your fancy. The ‘She-Shed’. Although it’s no secret unless hidden, a ‘She-Shed’ will deliver on the elements that drive the imagination towards having your very own secret room.

Your Backyard Quiet Retreat!

A ‘She-Shed’ is a quiet space reserved for the ladies of the house. A personalised space harmonising downtime with productivity depending on how you’re feeling. Your ‘She-Shed’ can be a welcoming, quaint space to hangout and be social or to recluse and get that much needed you-time. It’s your choice when it comes to decoration so go wild with style and immerse yourself in your favourite colours.


Work or Create in a Space of Your Own

She Sheds make great offices or studios for women who work from home or want to focus on creative projects. If you’re experiencing a creative slowdown, don’t despair! A ‘She-Shed’ is the perfect secluded spot to find that new inspiration.B-paint

Safe and Secure Outdoor Storage

Whether you’re into art, collecting, DIY projects, gardening or maybe you’re running out of space in general, the ‘She-Shed’ is a great addition for storing and displaying personal items and equipment. Your ‘She-Shed’ is a place made for you to feel safe and cosy within your element, relieving that built up anxiety.

Escape, Refresh & Recharge

The ‘She-Shed’ makes the perfect hideaway. If you’re feeling stressed and need to escape the clutches of reality what better way than to curl up with a good book and cuppa and let the world drift away. It’s a wonderful place to recharge so that you can exhibit a fresher, happier you.


Evolve your Space at Any Time

As you move forward in life your ‘She-Shed’ should follow. You can update your space to reflect new hobbies, interests, and aesthetics. Sprout your favourite plants, dressing the inside and out to calm the mind, body, and soul.


 If men have “Man-Caves” why shouldn’t women have their own? Installing a Timber Shed as a humble beginning will set passage to the creation of your own space of pure bliss. Be prepared to put in some hard work, but once it’s revealed and looking incredible you’ll discover it’s going to be harder than you thought keeping this one a secret. For more creative ideas check out our Pinterest board here