Some Unique Carport Uses: How to make your carport more than a Car Cover

Some Unique Carport Uses: How to make your carport more than a Car Cover
When we think about a carport, we think about the protection for our vehicles against the harsh elements.

This is the primary purpose of carports in Australia, but there is no limit in their usage. Metal carports have a flexible design and can be used for versatile purposes. Let’s revise some of them.

Outdoor Storage

If there is any garage or a shed in your backyard or if you are short of space in the existing one, a carport might be a perfect outdoor storage space to keep your tools and equipment. Buying a carport kit might be a great solution to your storage needs. 

Entertaining Area

Very often bad weather condition can spoil your family or friend gathering. A carport can provide a perfect shelter from the sun or rain and hold any social event. 


Lots of people like to work outside and need a place that is open and makes a safe shelter from harsh elements at the same time. A carport makes an excellent workspace. It can serve either as a workshop or an open studio. 


If you want your kids to have a safe outdoor play area, setting up a steel carport is a great option. It makes a good shaded shelter and provides sufficient protection from harsh weather elements. 

Steel carports have a range of creative ways of usage. The only limit is your imagination. 

Shed Bonanza can provide you with a custom designed carport that is made using the best-quality Australian BlueScope Colorbond® Steel that ensures your structure will be safe and sound and due to the extensive range of Colorbond colours, you can choose from, will perfectly blend with your home.